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UK Gallery

UK Gallery


Richard Bayliss

Jungmann Decal Set




Ken Sheppard

MB5 Decal Set




Ken Sheppard

S-79 Decal Set




Ken Sheppard

ME62 Decal Set



Andy Warlow
Extra 300s Decal Set




Simon Chilcott

Fairchild PT-26 Decal Set




Ken Sheppard

Goshawk Decal Set



Phil Cooke
Panavia Tornado MRCA prototype Decal Set

1/13th scale Panavia Tornado MRCA prototype 40 span 3.25lb AUW

Foam wing and balsa fuselage construction built from the Andy Conway
PSS plan.Uses 2 ch RC for aileron and an all moving tail.
Covered in solarfilm and trim with decals by Pyramid Model



Paul Griffiths
Sillouette Decal Set


Richard Ginger
Bristol Decal Set



Andrew Jones
Habu Decal Set


James Grieve
MK22 Spitfire Decal Set

Decals received this morning - they're perfect, and finish the model beautifully!
Thank you - I'll be in touch for the next model!

Martin Middleton

This is a photo of the now completed P47 in PSS format. It was taken at the last PSS meeting on the Great Orme where unfortunately the wind failed to blow when I was there. It did however get great comments from the other flyers who were there and look forward to flying it soon

Robin Kearney
I bought some P51 decals from you earlier this year, well the Cambrian Funfighter for which they were intended has been finished and flownand is giving me great fun. It looks fab thanks to your decals, thanks for running a great service.

Martin Bleasby - Hawker Hurricane with Pyrmid Models Decals

Richard Bailey - His finished version of a Junior 60

Martin Middletons - PSS Avro Arrow

Lee Choat sent in this picture of his Pyramid Models Decals on his Lysander
This decal set is available here - Decal set

The finish on this SU27 by Matt Jones is perfect !


This Model of a YAK55M was built by Tony Dalrymple, for most of the time he resides in Spain where these pictures were taken
This Foamy Corsair was made by David Corbin and is perfectly finished in matt colours and Pyramid Models decals

Here are a collection of Model Pictures sent in by

Terry Lidstone

Below are images sent in by Rod Craig of his BAE Hawk Slope Soarer

This is simon's Fabulous U-2

This selection of models was sent in by DAVE ROYDS - All with Pyramid Models decals

A highly modded 57" Aeromacchi MB339 airbrushed in the "Arctic Agressor" scheme
FW190 EPP combat park flyer from - Simple rattle-can and airbrush paintjob with your printed vinyl and cut vinyl decals help transform it no end

48" Span Shorts Tucano T1 by Phil Cooke

48" span Shorts Tucano T1 by Phil Cooke,

Built for PSS from the Overlander
Electric kit. Model is finished in the patriotic colours of the 2007 RAF
Display aircraft, using Solarfilm, Solartrim and all decals by Pyramid

Thanks Lee - another excellent job!

The following has been sent in by Mick Hilton

The pictures shown are an A34 Armortek Comet MK1A Tank - with Pyramid Models Decals

Sets available here - Armortek Comet Decals

Finished Goldwings Models Extra 300 LP 30cc petrol.
Looks better with my design/Pyramid Models decals than the original.

First flight yesterday.

Pictures of model Sent in by Tony Dalrymple

Here is a collection of models finished in Pyramid Model Decals from Fred Keegan

Pictures sent in by - Eddie Hampartsoumian

Nicely finished scale models,
all with Pyramid Models Decals.

p51 d mustang

Pictures below sent in by - Philip Cooke
Pyramid Models made me some decals for a Canadianairforce T-33.

Just wanted to send in these pictures of the completed model, which was flown for the first time in its new colours last weekend on the Great Orme in, Llandudno.

Model spans 72" and is built entirely from EPP - AUW 6lb
Finished in Profilm and Solarfilm with trim and all decals, of course, by
Pyramid Models!

T33 T33 Philip Cooke

Pictures below sent in by - Richard wilson-
This is a P-47 thunderbolt from the Topflite kit ,covered with profilm and solarfilm,
the Decal set is DS305 from the SCALE - Warbird Sets - American Insignia


thunderbolt thunderbolt p-47

Pictures below sent in by - Gordon Wareham -
and yes this is the father of Simon, who's model is below this one.
This is a TopFlight kit of a SeaFury and is finished using our decal set DS313,
this model being a 68" span . . .
powered by an OS91 F/S - all sizes of this set available

seafury in flight seafury in workshop
Pictures sent in by -
Simon Wareham
Me 109
me109 simon wareham me109
- Picture sent in by -
Derek Arthur
lightning decalslightning decals 2


- Lightning by -
Andy Ward (Scunthorpe)

- Spitfire by -
Mark Lane
Mark Lane spitfireMark lane spifire
A very much modified GWS Spitfire and finished
it off with a set of your excellent quality vinyl insignia decals
- Spitfire by -
John McColley
This model is a foam Parkzone plane with a Wingspan 39 inches, by Mark Lane
Wot 4
wot 4

John Jenkins 1/4 Scale Stampe -Precedent Kit

This was one of the first sets we ever produced, as is still a firm favorite with stampe/tigermoth model builders


60" Seagull models PC-9
With Swiss Markings
Jim Carrs - DH Moth Minor
moth minor DH moth minor
Bernard Hassey's Extra 300 - Jersey
extra 300
extra 300 extra 300

Craig Carr's - Airbus 400
Finished by Dick Wilson

Airbus A400m

David Butt's -
Excellent Elan Jet from Boomerang
elan jet

Brian Holford's - Extra 300

brian holfold


Extreme flights - Extra 300's

Brian Holford & Bernard Hassey

Fred Keegan's - Sunderland
Models of Mark Wakeling
Roy Watts - Hurricane
The model was built from a plan in the RCME. I chose the squadron codes SD Y after reading a book about Hurricanes of 501 squadron at Kenley flown by Plt Off K W Mackenzie. This aircraft was also featured quite a lot in the film 'Reach For The Sky' telling the story of Douglas Bader.
Roy Watt's Hurricane

A Fantastic example of a Cessna Bird dog 72 " wingspan model

By Jim Carss

BEA DC3 72 inch winspan
By Richard Wilson

A look at the finished Granau
by Mike Laity

This is Werewolf, based loosely on the FW 190 styling. 52" span, SC 32 power. Flies nicely. Test flown last week end, will be in RCM&E as a plan in the January 2008 issue all being well.

Peter Miller

A collection of models from - Gordon wareham

Gordon wareham Mustsng
gordon wareham mustang 2
ultimate 10
candyman p-51
Pictures of model sent in by Ray Johns

Heyford - by Alan Morgan

This is a picture of the Heyford with which
I won the British National Control Line Scale Championship 2007 at Barkston Heath

The Model is 1/16th scale
55" span
powered by 2 x ASP 15's with, down the wire electronic control
The model features a retracting ventral turret and drops a stick of 4 bombs on momentary down elevator.
The model achieved a first in static judging
and a second to Mike Welch's Lancaster in
the flying round, securing enough points
for a first overall.


GWS Corsair with Pyramid Models Decals........set DS259

Model built by Mr Richard G Norman

Seafury with decal set DS285

Model Built by Phil Cooke

Another model of Phil cooke, this is the T-33

Top Flite Sea Fury finished in a 'traditional' Royal Navy scheme using Pyramid decals

Model by : Chris Leslie





Great model of a Dakota
by Richard Wilson


Another of Richards models - A Glenn's Cap232

A Flair Mosquito

By Richard wilson

A superbly finished model of a Buccaneer

Picture and model by Dave Martin

Flair Legionair Flair Legionnaire - Richard Wilson
Richard wilsons - Spitfire


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