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USA Gallery

We invite our USA customers to send in pictures & info by post or e-mail, of any model with pyramid model decals
or accessories.
If you would like your model included, just send it in and we will do the rest.


This is a Top-Flite 1/5 scale almost ready to cover that has been glassed and painted by - Gordon McLean
Peter Piotroski's Corsair

The pictures of this fine model P-38 Model, covered in LiteSpan and pyramid YIPPEE decals

sent in by - John Drewski

Received the decals today, they went on great. Thank you. A couple of pics of the finished model attached. If you want to use them for advertising or anything, go right ahead.

Thanks again . . . . . Will Tobin.

Hey guys. This is Chris Susicke from NJ, USA again. I thought you might like my KMP Sea Fury. I used your Sea Fury decal set on it, and am extremely happy. Your decals are of /extremely/ good quality, and I go no where else for decals. I also am working on an Me-163 Komet which I also ordered decals for through Pyramid Models. Attached are two pictures of my Sea Fury.

Thanks again for the great decals.

Sea Furysea fury landing

Thanks for offering these great decals, here is my finished, fiberglassed mini star jet

Picture Submitted by Steve Olson

Hawker Hurricane Mk2
Built by Julian Aughton

Thank you for the decals.

Here are some pictures of the completed Hawker Hurricane Mk2.

The finish is based on a Hurricane under restoration at Brookland Museum, which is a aircraft that was used by American volunteers in the RAF in 1941.

I built it using a fuselage from KMP and wing and tail built up from Brian Taylor plans, for an overall very scale appearance. Wing span is 70", Total weight is 9 1/2 lbs, including 8oz of lead in the nose.

The RCV-91CD is installed inverted, with a 1/2" prop extension, which keeps it from projecting below the cowling. A standard RCV muffler is used.

Decals are from Pyramid Models, squadron markings and cartoon figure are hand painted.

skyraider are available in sizes 5th ,6th, 8th & 1:10th scale

Other Models Built by Byron
All with Pyramid Models Decals




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