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Malta gallery

Mike Curmi and his L39 Albatross in Russian Insignia    
Mike Curmi - L39    
Mike Curmi and his Boomerang Sprint

boomer 2

Hello there,

My name is Michael Curmi, a member of the Malta Model Aircraft Flying Association in Malta.

Very pleased to enclose pics of my Boeing PT 17 "Kaydet” in custom RCAF WW2 markings (compliments of Pyramid Models of course!)

Very pleased with the adhesive properties and authentic colours .

(Construction Ruben Mifsud, Paint job Michael Curmi, decals by pyramid models)

Hi there

Photos of Flair Puppeteer with Pyramid roundels and serials.
I'm very pleased with their quality and the authenticity of the colours.

Paul Soler

Puppeteer 1

Decal set - DS331

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