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Free Flight FF Auto Balance Controller with 3D Acceleration Sensor For QuadCopter and other Multicopters

Free Flight FF Auto Balance Controller with 3D Acceleration Sensor For QuadCopter and other Multicopters
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1) 100% brand new free flight controller, four axis Free Flight FF Auto Balance

2) Controller,it can be used without debugging.

3) Support 8 channel PWM input and Six channel PWM output

4) Adopts three axis digital gyroscope and three axis digital acceleration sensor.

5) Auto-balance,quadcopter X or+mode

6) Support commercial ESC and I2C ESC,Practical free flight controller

7) Support aerial photography and Dual axle stabilization PTZ

8) with beep function when voltage is lower than 10.8V

9) This free flight controller recommended to work with GWS 3-blade propellers or other high performance propellers

* Wire Connection:

1) Input CH: 1, Aileron/ flap 2 Elevator 3,throttle 4,Rudder (Yaw) 5,Remote control calibration( Switch channel) 6,PTZ pitch angle 7, PTZ pitch angle trimming(ratio CH input)

2) Output CH(PWN): 1, PTZ Pitch angle servo 2, PTZ roll servo, 3, No.1 motor input 4,No.2 motor input 5, No.3 motor input 6,No.4 motor input

* Dual axis PTZ:

- It maintains verticality mode under 6CH Auto-mode.

It can be trimmed by button 7 to adjust angle.

PLEASE read carefully
These boards are only suitable for flyers with previous experience or  are technically minded . . . !  !
You will be required to do a certain amount of setting up and configuration to enable these boards to function and operate correctly, 
you may need to re-flash the board with other firmware than that supplied to allow it to work with your r/c gear or make other adjustments for this board to operate correctly.

Should you not feel confident or have no experience of these types of boards, we first suggest you ask someone who may help you locally, and do some on line research to establish if these boards are boyond your capabilites - again these board are NOT plug and play - 
Please do not purchase if you are not happy with the above statement !

TERMS of sale & disclaimer - 
By purchasing this item, you are in aggreement that pyramid models or the owners, cannot give any support, will not be held 
responsible for any crash damage to this circuit board or other connected r/c gear, however caused or even a collision or crash by inexperience pilots, and under no circumstances will a claim for exchange or refund be accepted once used.

This board is an open circuit and should be treated with respect,  all boards are thouroughly checked and tested before dispatch and incorrect wiring or setting up may result in your aircraft becoming unstable and a crash occurring, this may cause serious damage to the controller board, yourself, nearby objects, and any other radio gear connected to this board.


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