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Rabbit PRO Flight Controller - with Barometric/Magnetic (Compass) Function Board

Rabbit PRO Flight Controller - with Barometric/Magnetic (Compass) Function Board
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Ultrasonic Module (+£12.99)
GPS Module (+£69.47)


Note: Although we cannot give any phone / email support on setting up and using this board, we do provide a full written Instruction manual (in English) All software, drivers required are supplied with every purchase, as well as many instructional PDF's and Video's to show you step by step how to use and configure it, so no one will be left in the dark not knowing what to do or how to use it ! . . . . 

Rabbit Flight Controller PRO - with the Extra Barometric & Magnetic (Compass) Function Board

These Boards have it all -  Auto Stability, 3D Stunt,  Height Lock,  Head Lock,  Care Free(CF), PTZ Stability, Autolanding With the GPS: Go home , Position Hold.

Rabbit Flight Controller - With Barometric & Magnetometer Functions - Included as standard are the Gyroscopic and Accelerometer Controller chips for super stable flight

Although this board is not recommended for the beginner, once set up by an experienced multicopter or competent model flyer, even a beginner will be able to hover immediately, and with perfect stability -  you will not find another controller board as good as the Rabbit, with so many functions, at anywhere near this price. 

This Rabbit Flight Controller Board adopts 32 Digits ARM CPU and the latest sensors with Independently produced and developed software, ensuring stable and reliable flight Utilising a simple computer interface (GUI - see below) to set up the numerous and fully adjustable flight control functions.

This V2 Controller Board also incorporates the Extra Baro/Mag board that allows for care-free mode to be implemented

A full set of connecting leads are supplied, along with set up software for the PC

  • The Rabbit board contains high precision tri-axis gyroscope and tri-axis accelerometer with compact structure and size.
  • With stable flight and balance function without any additional board.
  • Multi-function Add-ons: . . . You can easily connect an ultrasonic detector, Barometer Pressure Meter, Tri-axis magnetic sensor, and GPS,Giving you a very accurate Fixed Hight, Fixed Direction, and self- take off and land function. (see add-on extras below)
  • 8 Channel remote input and 8 Channel motor/servo output.
  • Support for Aerial Photography and PTZ The Self-Balance.Output mode can be set by user.
  • With USB interface, Connecting to a PC allows adjustments to the  parameters without any Expansion Board.
  • Provided PC upgrade tools and improved programming providing the best user requirements.
  •  With care free function - V2 only- This function alone makes flying any multicopter a breeze!
Board Functions
  1. 32 digits 50 MHZ CPU
  2. Support for 140g mini Quadcopter.
  3. High precision tri-axis gyroscope and tri-axis accelerometer built directly on the main board
  4. 8 CH input channels, can set Auxiliary switch channels and  PTZ control channel.
  5. 8 channel 16 digits output ,can set from 50Hz~500Hz analog/didital servo or non- standard ESC signal.
  6. Supports for mix-control:
  7. GIMBAL settings

  8. Built in Multicopter configuration  for
    FIEXD WIND mode . 
  9. You can also add other modes according to user requirements.

The on-board USB connector provides an easy connection facility to a PC for the upgrade tools and improved programming with updates , convienently allows for users to set parameters, and download the newest programming software.

Supports quad-axis, hex-axis,eight-axis quadcopter ( but you can not connect to a PTZ as all the outputs will be used to connect to motors)

An 8 LED Bar Graph that indicates various setting up modes, 
and makes for a very convenient way to set up the parameters at any time away from the computers GUI, even for a smallest of adjustment. 

You can connect colour LED strips directly to controller boards light sequences, which makes for a magnificent and unique night flight experience, with over 24 different light sequences that can be changed in flight. The LED Bar graph on the controller also indicates the current
setting as well !!!!

It supports a 4S battery Voltage test, that will avoid over discharging the battery. A provided onboard alarm port, which will facilitate users to set a low power alarm, the alarm will immediately sound when the power reaches the low level that you have set, no more crashes due to low power ! 

With an ultrasonic port on the board, and an add-on Ultra sonic Board (see extras) 
will make the fixed hight function set to a range of 2 meters, perfect performance 
especially for accurate anti collision 2 meter ground clearance.

When turning on this Controller it has a self checking function, making sure everything is as it should be for a safe flight, .
an audible sound and light will signal as the self checking process goes through its initialisation sequence.

The high precision Tri-axis gyroscope and tri-axis accelerometer, allows the user to add functions such as Automatic landing and Fixed-point return to home. 
(you will need to buy additional board and download online upgrading software is ok)
with the Independently produced software GUI below, and a computer, you can improve or add new functions as user's needs and requirements increase.

Technical Specifications:

Optional output mode: 
Default ESC output 330MHZ.47HZ servo output, 

Servo/ESC output option:
500Hz(2ms Special ESC)
2KHz PWM(Special ESC

- Alarm Voltage setting: 3.4V~3.7V
- Gyroscope: +-2000dps,16 digits resolution ratio, responding time:1000HZ
- Accelerometer: -8G,14 digits resolution ratio, responding time:800Hz
- Input Voltage:4~6V (provides by ESC)
- Board Szize:5.5mmX5.5mm
- Weight:20g
- Working Temperature:-40~+85

Extra Add-ons for more versatility and functionality - (Select add-ons when purchasing above)


Additional Board Modules,

Barometer & Magnetic - (included in the price with PRO) with it you can enjoy the Care-Free function, head lock 

Ultrasonic Module -  with it you can enjoy these extra functions -  height Lock (<2.5m), Autolanding. 

GPS Module: - with it you can enjoy these extra functions - Gohome, Position Hold 

And some other modules such as OSD etc will be developed in future

These Boards are only suitable for flyers with previous experience or  are technically minded . . . !  !
You will be required to do a certain amount of setting up and configuration to enable these boards to function and operate correctly, 
you may need to re-flash the board with other firmware than that supplied to allow it to work with your R/C gear or make other adjustments for this board to operate correctly.

Should you not feel confident or have no experience of these types of boards, we first suggest you ask someone who may help you locally, and do some on line research to establish if these boards are boyond your capabilites - Again these board are NOT plug and play - 
Please do not purchase if you are not happy with the above statement !

By purchasing this item, you are in aggreement that Pyramid Models or the owners, cannot give any support, will not be held 
responsible for any crash damage to this Circuit Board or other connected R/C gear, however caused or even a collision or crash by inexperience pilots, and under no circumstances will a claim for exchange or refund be accepted once used. 
This item is tested and working by the manufacturer and sealed, under no circumstances will we replace / exchange or give any warrantee on this item once the seal has been broken, and will then assume the item as used -if you do not agree with this please do not order - we also cannot offer any support via email or phone, as instructions are supplied on how to use and connect up the device. 

This board is an open circuit and should be treated with respect,  all Boards are thouroughly checked and tested before dispatch and incorrect wiring or setting up may result in your aircraft becoming unstable and a crash occurring, this may cause serious damage to the controller board, yourself, nearby objects, and any other radio gear connected to this board.



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