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14 AWG Silicone Cable - Black

14 AWG Silicone Cable - Black
Code AC307
Our Price: 8.97 GBP

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14 AWG Silicone Cable - Black

14AWG Flexible Silicone Cable.

Lengths of 14 AWG silicone rubber coated cable that has a high strand count and is very flexible.

Minimum 1 meter - Max 5 meter Black.

Sold in pre-cut packs of 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 or 5 Meter Lengths. 

For information only
The guide below lists various AWG sizes & Outside diameter of wire gauges
for example this item is 14AWG = 3.5MM

8AWG = 6.5MM
10AWG = 5.5MM
12AWG = 4.5MM
14AWG = 3.5MM
16AWG = 3.0MM
18AWG = 2.8MM (294 count .08 conductor)
18AWG = 2.3MM (150 count .08 conductor)
20AWG = 2.0MM
22AWG = 1.7MM
24AWG = 1.6MM (6.5AMPS



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