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Fox Fiberglass 1.5m (ARF) Glider KIT

Fox Fiberglass 1.5m  (ARF) Glider KIT
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Fox Fiberglass 1.5m  (ARF) Glider KIT


Built from fiberglass and balsa. The Fox glider is a fast and an exciting plane to fly.
Whether you like high-speed park flying, slope soaring or thermal searching, the Fox 1.5m is a versatile high-end glider that can take you there. 
The Fox has plenty of room in the fuselage for a 1300mAh or bigger lipo and a 29mm diameter motor, allowing for a large number of motor power/size combinations. Servo sizes can be from 9~20gram and because the control surfaces move freely a light weight 9g servo is all thats needed for anything less than high-G maneuvers. For fast high-G flight we suggest a slightly stronger metal gear or 15g servo.
This glider will take around 4-5hrs to complete.
Be sure to install quality servos and components and always use an ESC rated higher than your motors max amp draw and never use cheap quality or damaged LiPo batteries.

Type: Fox Aerobatic Glider
Construction: (Fuse=Fiberglass) (Wings=Balsa & CF-Spar)
Wingspan: 1.5m
Length: 530mm
Channels: 3
Motor: 29mm Diameter
Battery: =>1300mah
Servo: 9~20g 32x12mm
ARF Weight: 480g (kit only)

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