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3-Channel FPV Video Switcher

3-Channel FPV Video Switcher
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3-Channel FPV Video Switcher

Some of the early versions had incorrect printing on the labels - see below

The Hobbyking 3-Channel Video Switcher is a great accessory for any FPV model. It allows you to easily switch between up to 3 cameras by using a switch on your transmitter. It features one receiver input, 3 camera inputs and one video output. 

Compact and lightweight design
Switch between 3 cameras from your transmitter
Simple to use
Perfect for FPV models

Dimensions: 30x18x6mm
Weight: 4g

How to check you have the latest Version
Some early versions had different labels applied, these showed 
the Signal + and - Pins reversed see below

Also the packaging changed, and the inclusion of an extra barcode
covering the old barcode


NOTE - No written instructions are supplioed with this, pleas ask and we will send some via email

Q& A

Q - Seems to have issues with gopro video out for some reason, when passing through the switch I get moving vertical bands and occasional flickering of the entire video. Works fine without the switch
A -  the solution is cheap and easy, it's an LC Filter and available on our web site. What is it for?.....An LC Filer is a circuit that removes frequencies from a power supply and smooths / cleans it so the equipment being powered gets a clean power source. In FPV sometimes we find our picture being effected by this dirty power supply. Hope this helps you out. - ALSO,  check that all your gear is set to PAL or to NTSC, can't have a mixture.


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