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Dr. MadThrust Retract Delay Device

Dr. MadThrust Retract Delay Device
Code AC684 - ver1.0
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Dr. MadThrust Retract Delay Device

This handy device is used to change the retraction type on scale models. Some full scale aircraft landing gear does not simply retract all at once. Some full scale aircraft may have one gear leg retract at a time. The Dr. understands this need for scale realism.

NOTE - See Version 2 for retract and door sequencer

There are two selectable sequence types and there is an instruction leaflet included. One sequence allows one landing gear leg to retract/extend then the other much like many full scale aircraft do. The second sequence has both retracts extend/retract simultaneously. 

Dimensions: 52x18x5mm
Voltage range: 4.8-6.0v
Weight: 5.5g

*Color may vary


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