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FrSky S.BUS Servo Channel Changer

FrSky S.BUS Servo Channel Changer
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FrSky S.BUS Servo Channel Changer

The FrSky Servo Channel Changer is a tool designed for setting the channel of FrSky S.BUS & CCPM compatible servos (e.g. D12MB, Futaba S.BUS servos and the FrSky S.BUS to PWM Decoder). Simply connect the servo or decoder to the servo connection port of this device and a power source to the battery connection port. Then use the roller switch to change and set the channel numbers accordingly. 

Dimensions: 48x67x22mm
Weight: 6.7g
Operating Voltage: 3~16V
Operating Temperature: -10~45C
Compatibility: FrSky S.BUS & CCPM compatible servos, Futaba S.BUS servos, FrSky S.BUS to PWM Decoder




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