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Servoless Retract with Metal Trunnion 33mm x 35mm Mount (2pc)

Servoless Retract with Metal Trunnion 33mm x 35mm Mount (2pc)
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Servoless Retract with Metal Trunnion 33mm x 35mm Mount (2pc)

NOTE:We always test retracts before dispatch so you are guaranteed to have them working !

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES We will we accept returns for any reason from buyers who have clearly used these to the point where they are no longer working  - If your not happy with this statement, please purchase elsewhere.

The easiest way to put retracts in your plane. No need to install a control box, messy wiring or a complicated air system. Just screw in the retracts, connect to your Rx and your ready!
Reliable servo mechanism with metal gearing and a high torque motor ensures trouble free flying!

Why bother with air systems when you can now have a realistic and reliable electric unit at a fraction of the price?!
Landing gear not included with the servo less retractable system.

PLEASE NOTE - These retracts are not designed to be continuously cycled up and down, doing so may result in serious damage occurring to the H-Bridge circuitry within the retracts.

Servoless Retract with Metal Trunnion 33mm x 35mm Mount (2pc) 90 Degree - Features Auto Cut Off and pre-installed 4mm Oleo Mounting Pin.

Mount Plate Dimensions: 33mm x 35mm
Scew Hole Spacing: 24mm x 28mm
Depth: 26mm
Length: 61mm
Pin: 4mm
Weight: 46g (x 1)
Working voltage: 4.5~5.5V - powered directly from a 4 cell Ni-CAD/Ni-MH ! or separate BEC

Not suitable for a plane heavier than 2.5kg
or when used in conjuction with an ESC as power source (many ESC's can output 6V or higher)


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