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Mini Power Distributor DP BEC

Mini Power Distributor DP BEC
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Mini Power Distributor DP BEC

Min Power Distributor Ubec suited to 30cc plus gas powered models.

This unit has great features, which include: Dual battery input, 5v isolated linear RX BEC, 20 Amp voltage adjustable Ubec on all output channels, 8 channel RX input with dual outputs on each channel - simplifying dual servo control surfaces.

Great inclusions are the independent 5V linear regulator providing a separate power source for the receiver, optically isolated CDI power & in built remote ignition kill. Receiver, Servo & CDI power sources are completely isolated from each other.

This is the first Power Distributor system to securely nest the receiver within the power distribution 'block' thereby shortening cable runs, adding protection to your all important receiver & speeding set up time.

5v Linear RX BEC
20 Amp Servo UBEC
Users adjustable UBEC voltage
8 (+1 CDI cut) input channels
16 output channels
5 Status check LEDs
Padded receiver tray & Secure mounting
CDI isolated power
CDI remote ignition control (remote cut)
CDI power status indicator light
CDI power output terminal
CDI voltage monitor LED

Optional: Input/output voltage display with external power switch

Input Channels: 8 (+1 CDI Cut)
Output Channels: 16
Input voltage: 6V-13V
Servo UBEC Current: 20A (30Amp Burst)
Output voltage: 4.8-9.7V (user adjustable; Default is 5.2V)
RX power: 5v linear bec
Working temperature: -20 to 85 degrees c
Weight: 80g
Dimensions: 116mm x 88mm x 13mm


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