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3M FineLine Masking Tape 1/8th inch x 36 yards Roll

3M FineLine Masking Tape 1/8th inch x 36 yards Roll
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3M Blue FineLine Masking Tape 1/8" x 36 yards Roll

This 3M FineLine Masking Tape is far superior to using a standard masking tape

When you use standard masking tape, the paint can easily creep under the surface
making the whole operation a mess. By using 3M Masking tape you can easily go around
small curvatures as well as straight edges, and the finished paint line will be perfect every time.

We have popular sizes in stock, the 3mm being better for small curves and will follow
any line of a cockpit of example. The 6mm can also be used for curves, but not quite as tight as the
3mm and 12mm more suited to straight edges

The 3M Masking Tapes are the best quality masking tapes available, the green tapes
being the best to use when you want a perfect finished paint edge with curved and straight edges

The Blue tapes are a vinyl masking tape and therfore can easily go round any shape
as the tape can be stretched to conform to the applied surface, great for flames etc..

The Green 3mm, 6mm and 12mm have 55 metres of tape on the roll, so it goes a long way.
The Blue 1/8th and 1/4 have 36 yards (32.9 metres) per roll

Green 3mm can be purchased HERE
Green  6mm can be purchased HERE
Green 12mm can be purchased HERE

Blue 1/8" can be purchased HERE
Blue 1/4" can be purchased HERE

See our video demonstration - (coming soon)


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