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LMA - Lost Model Alarm/Finder - Dual Function

LMA -  Lost Model Alarm/Finder - Dual Function
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R/C Helicopter/Aircraft Lost Model Alarm/Finder


This LMA has a Dual function Audio Module
and Will automatically notify you when you have left the reciever on
or as
a Lost Model Alarm - Automatically switches to a different sound

3 Automatic modes / sounds

1 - Switch on Mode
     Switch on power to receiver = 2 bleeps
2 - RX left on Mode
     Leaving RX switched on without TX on =  On/off bleeps after 1 minute
3 - Lost model Mode
     After a further 1 minute = 1 long bleep followed by 7 quick bleeps

  • Size: 4.5 inches long (incl. Leads) x 1/2 inch wide
  • Weight:  5 gms
  • Operating Voltage : 4 - 6 volts DC
  • Low Current consumption :  35 mA (1 mA at standby mode)
  • Alarm Output Level : 85dB
  • Can be heard upto 50 meter away
  • Suitable for all Makes of R/C Systems: 35Mhz / 72Mhz - AM/FM PPM, FM/PCM and only some 2.4Ghz / DSM2 but not DSMX (ask if you need to know)
  • With this device, you can quickly locate and find your Lost Model Aircraft/Glider or Helicopter easily
  • The effective Audible range for this Lost Model Alarm can be over 50 Metres
  • Simple one step activation, (turn off the Transmitter) the Lost Model Alarm/Tracker will start to sound after about 1 minute
  • Follow the bleeping sound and easily find your Model in Long Grass, Cornfields or even up a Tree
Operating Instructions
  • Connect the Lost Model Alarm between any servo and the receiver, (also acts as a mini servo extension)
  • First,turn on your Transmitter
  • Then turn on your receiver, you will hear two beep sounds
  • How to test it is functioning properly:
  • If you cannot find your Model, Simply turn off the Transmitter or do not move the control stick of the servo the LMA is connected to for 1 min, then you will hear a continuous beep sound.
  • If you ignore the continuous beep sound for around 2 minutes, the beep sound will change to a louder V sound.
  • By tracking the sound, you will be able to locate your RC plane / Helicopter
  • Can be connected to any kind of servo
Mr John Davies from East Yorkshire has reported that they do not work with all R/C Systems, He has tried them with SPEKTRUM 7010 & 7610 Receivers and they do not operate correctly in that they continue to bleep after One Minute has elapsed. This is normal as it acts as alarm when the receiver is left on without being used, and so preventing an RX being left on by mistake !


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