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in flight HD Video Camera, & Recorder -1280 x 720 resolution

in flight HD Video Camera, & Recorder -1280 x 720 resolution
Our Price: £39.99

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Transcend 4Gb Class 6 Micro SD HC Memory Card - PLUS SD Adapter (+£14.99)
Transcend 4Gb Class 6 Micro SD HC Memory Card only (+£12.99)
SanDisk 4Gb Class 4 Micro SD HC Memory Card only (+£10.99)

Latest FirmWare Update - (only at time of purchase):
Please supply with manufacturers installed Firmware
Please Install Latest Firmware Update (+£4.99)


720p HD High Definition Video Camera/Recorder


This is the REAL DEAL - a true 720p HD High Resolution Video Camera / Recorder and Stills camera all in one tiny package

Without a doubt , this has to be the best onboard Video and audio Camera/Recorder there is on the market today at such a low price.

If your looking to record some in-flight shots , you can easily attatch this camera to any aircraft (total all up weight - only 17grams), or if you are looking for a pocket sized camera you can take anywhere, ready to use at a minutes notice, then youve found it

FREE Firmware Updates & Software - this enables recordings to continue without stopping until the flash memory card is full or the 4GB file size limit of the FAT32 file system is reached. The latter will save then continue recording. The Firmware that is pre-installed when we receive it from the manufacturers will only record and stop/save/continue at 20 minute intervals. The updated Firmaware also has improved Exposure control and colour satuaration control, but best of all removes the Datestamp at the bottom of the screen

Full Fitting and installation instructions supplied

Example Video & stills using a #11 Camera

NOTE: VIDEO BELOW - When the #11 camera is shown in play back you will see some flicker at the top right of the screen, this is actually a rotating prop and not interference, if you go to 3:35 minutes you will see the prop shadow on the rear fuz and then see the prop stops

  1. Footage with DateStamp/Time that comes as
    standard when delivered to us by the manufacturer

    The updated Firmware removes the datestamp, improves picture quality, and removes the 20 min recording limit

    Your Buying Directly From a long standing reputable UK company, we want to keep it that way !
    We have worked very hard to gain a reputaion of only supplying quality products and services to our customers for over 20 years, and because we fully test these cameras before we send them out, all our customers can be satisfied in knowing they will receive a quality camera, and all of our UK's customers products, are are posted by Royal Mail recorded delivery - it's Guaranteed and insured to get to you in one peice and in full working order !!!

We Supply as Standard the Fully Loaded Accessory Package

  • 1 x Mini HD Video Camera ( Memory Card not included - See bottom of page for suitable cards)
  • 1 x 2.0 USB cable
  • 1 x USB dedicated car charger/power supply (charge & record at same time)
  • 1 x written User Manual - PLUS PDF Instruction Files
  • 1 x Special power mini-USB to USB cable
  • 1 Velcro attachment Strip
FREE SOFTWARE PACK - supplied with updated firmware only
  • Firmware Software to REMOVE the Date & Time only
  • Firmware Software to REMOVE the Date & Time + Continuous recording
  • Firmware Software to RECOVER the Date Stamp & Time
  • Software to Set the Date & Time
  • Full and detailed instructions how to DIY all of the above
  • Instructional and demonstation Videos supplied
Need a Memory Card ? - we also stock various types


5 in 1 Functions:Record Video, Record Audio, Camera, Webcam, & In-Flight Recorder
  • Easy to use "One Touch" record button
  • Weight : 17gms
  • A single 4Gb TF card can capture about 80 minutes of HD Audio/Video video
  • Uses 4Gb TF memory cards, (SD HC Class 4 FLASH MEMORY High-Speed Card or better) we also stock Class 4 and the faster Class 6 cards - no dropped frames , perfectly smooth 30 frames per second recordings
  • We will supply the camera to you with the updated Firmware already pre-installed . . . (choose below when buying)
  • FREE Software to change and set the Date /Timestamp available
  • FREE Software to DIY Remove & Recover the Date /Timestamp also available. . . . . (select from options above)


  • Color:Black
  • Dimension (mm): 50 (L) x 32 (W) x13 (H)
  • 720P High Definition Video
  • 1280x720 H.264 30fps .mov
  • USB: 2.0
  • Can also use as a webcam - PC-Camera: 640x480
  • 4Gb TF card can video about 80 minutes (not included see below)
  • Supports up to 32Gb TF memory card
  • Built-in rechargeable high volume Lithium-ion Battery 250mA
  • Built-in Charger management IC
  • Why we recomend you should NOT BUY
    any #3 Camera or the latest #12 Camera !

    We only sell REAL 720p - 1280x720 resolution HD - #11 - H.264/AVC1 cameras
    The quality of the Video as well as the Audio on the #11 is far superior than the cheaper and older
    versions known as #3 cameras with 720x480 low resolution.

    The #12 also claims to be a 1280 x 720 camera, it isn't, while it outputs a 1280 x 720 AVI file it does in fact record at 640 x 480 resolution, and then upscales to 1280 x 720, so buyer beware !!!!

    Also there are inferior #12 versions, looks like a #4,
    has poor audio and definitely is no where as good as the #11 !

    Choose to have your #11 Cameras Delivered with the special Firmware Pre-installed
    You have the choice to have this updated and done for you before we send it out, or left as it is......
    (Choose from order Options below)

    We only sell real #11 cameras . . . . . If you want to record your videos without the DateStamp at the bottom and the extra quality only obtained by updating the Firmware.
    For a small extra charge, we will fully charge the internal battery, and replace the firmware for you, check it is all working correctly, then ship it to you.
    (see options below)

    The method used to replace the firmware is known as Flashing the Chip, this will remove & update the firmware then remove the timestamp from the recorded video.
    We will also provide the FREE Software Pack to enable you to DIY Remove, Recover and change the Datestamp and Time yourself


    WARNING - if your not sure how to do it correctly or you do it wrong - you may well end up with a camera that has the internal Processor Fried and rendered useless, "Commonly known as Bricked" as shown in the Video above



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