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CLONEPAC - 16k Futaba CAMPAC memory module

CLONEPAC - 16k Futaba CAMPAC memory module
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BACK IN STOCK -Very Limeted Stock !

After over 2 years of not having any in stock we now once again have a limeted stock supply
of these 16K Memory module as sold by Futaba for 6 times the price we selll them for.

The Futaba CAMPAC 16K Memory Module is also in limeted supply (if you can get them)

Our 16K CLONEPAC / COPYPAC are identical in operation (just without the plastic holder)

These 16K CAMPAC alternatives, are suitable for these FUTABA TX radios
and shows how many more models can be programmed per campac

Futaba FF8 
(+8 models)
Futaba FF9  (+6 models)
Futaba 9C Series  (+6 models)
Futaba 8U  (+8 models)
Futaba 8U Super  (+8 models)
Robbe/Futaba FC Series (FC-18, FC-28  (+4 models)
10C Series  (+4 models)
3PK  (+10 models)
3PJ(F)S  (+8 models)


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