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QUADCopter XR100

QUADCopter XR100
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QUAD-Copter XR100


If you have ever wanted to get into Quadcopters, then the XR100 has got to be the cheapest option.

The QUAD-Copter XR100 is made entirely from Birch Plywood (Glass fibre  option now avaialble) and can quickly be assembled with minimal tools and glue. Because the parts are Lazer/CNC cut, they are extremely accurate, so there is no need for screws or struts, as everything is designed to simply slot together, with interlocking tabs !
Simplicity and extra light weight
- comes with written instructions and step by step construction photographs

Height: 50.5mm
Width: 539mm
Motor Bolt Holes: 12/16/30mm

Recommended Items to complete Quadcopter - (not supplied in kit)



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