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R/C Model Decals

R/C Model Decals

Self Adhesive R/C Model Decals are probably the easiest of the decals to apply, and we are currently supplying them in 2 Types ........ We also stock some waterslide decals, but cannot make these to order.


Computer Cut Vinyl Decals

This type of decal are very quick to apply, they are best suited to models where acurate lettering and logo's are required, such as on aerobatic aircraft sets. They are probably the easiest of all the decals to apply as they only require you to peel off the backing sheet, and then apply them to the models surface, and fianlly remove the top application sheet ....... Job done !

How to Remove Backing Correctly - VIDE0 - Click here
How to use / Application Video . . . . . (coming soon)

Screen Printed Self adhesive Decals

Screen Printed Self adhesive decals are simply the best quality printed decals there are, this is due to the Inks can be mixed to any shade, and the depth / saturation of colour makes them bettter than all modern forms of printing........ Even with the onset of digital printers, which cannot match the quality of the screen printed decal. This is due to the screen printed decal having very opaque pigments, which will enable you to apply them over many surface types without the colour underneath surface showing through.

How to use / Application Video . . . . . (coming soon)

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