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Printed Vinyl

Printed Vinyl
Introduction to Printed Vinyl Decals
Printed vinyl decals provide a cost effective method of finishing or decorating your completed model aircraft. All our self adhesive printed decals, are supplied on either a clear or white substrate, depending on the surface they are going to be applied to. They are easily applied using the dry or wet method of application.

Gloss or Matt

The default setting of Matt finish is how we usually supply all of our Scale Model Printed Decals, the Matt finish ink giving a more authentic finish and is as close to a painted on look. This is also a much more durably authentic looking finish as apposed to the type of Model Aircraft Decals supplied in a lot of the kits today, and we pride ourselves on the fact that a lot of our customers replace the supplied decals with ours because of this . . . . . Our Gloss Decals are supplied with a super gloss finish ink, which will then match the quality of the surface you are applying them to, especially if you are covering your model in one of the gloss iron on films. 
Properties of Ink
All of our decals are screen printed with Inks that have been specially formulated for us. These Inks are guaranteed Fuel proof upto 35% Nitro. They have also been tested by immersing them in a 20% nitro content Glow fuel / petrol overnight. They are also guranteed lightfast and will not fade in direct sunlight, which is also an important factor when applying decals to a model aircraft, that may be left out in the sun all day, without any fears of the decals fading.

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