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Turnigy Plush 18 amp Speed Controller

Turnigy Plush 18 amp Speed Controller
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For Brushless Motors only

The Turnigy Plush Brushless series ESC's are of a very high quality that offer a broad range of programming features. Offering a smooth throttle response compared to other BESCs in the same price range.
The Turnigy Plush 18A ESC packs all the punch youre going to need, without the expensive packaging!
This BESC can handle 2A continuous current

The Turnigy Plush series ESCs, offer outstanding performance, fast sync timing to accomodate a broad range of motors and MosFETs which is especially important for responsive and quick reaction to throttle requests of Quadcopter, Tri-copters and all types of Multicopter

Made in the USA for ultra reliability!

Can be programmed directly from your transmitter.
High quality silicone wire is used on the input and output leads.

Cont Current: 18A
Burst Current: 22A
BEC Mode: Linear
BEC : 5v / 2A
Lipo Cells: 2-4
NiMH : 5-12
Weight: 19g
Size: 24x45x11mm

User Programmable, both via TX and optional programming card. The programming card is an excellent item as it instantly tells the user the current settings and with a few simple clicks of the buttons, the user can change the settings and have graphical reassurance of those changes.
The programming card is an excellent Item and simple to use! and available HERE

The #1 choice for Tricopters, Quadcopters and all other Multicopter pilots as the frame rate is high enough for use with a KK Multicopter Board,popular with the already well supported KKMultiCopter Control board


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